Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I like how the ink shows up on this paper with the Uniball pen.  It is available at the office supply store.  This one I attempted to keep the pen on the paper, drawing with one continuous line.  I came pretty close.  I am so near sighted that it is very challenging to see well enough to draw from the distance I am sitting away from the monitor.  Maybe it's a blessing not seeing the details!


  1. Newborns, I am told, see only 19" which is the distance from the mother's breast to her face. Sometimes you only need that much.

  2. Myrna - Love what you are doing on this blog. You may remember me as a member of the Watercolor Connection, although I'm not presently in the critique group that you are leading. I am very inspired by your daily sketches. So much so, that I started sketching on the 5th and plan to continue each day also. I have added your blog in my links section and am asking if you could do the same for me. My blog is http://sheilassketchbook.blogspot.com
    See you around and keep up your great work. I also follow your Creative Journey blog. Love it too...Sheila Fimreite

  3. Maggie, you are always full of interesting facts! Thanks for sharing.

    Sheila, I do remember you. Hope you will be taking the one day texture workshop this month. Happy you are inspired to draw a little each day. I will add your blog to the list!

  4. This is a lovely drawing!
    I am enjoying your self-portraits. :)

  5. I like the effect of the two different line weights.