Saturday, January 9, 2010


On the weekend, one calendar page serves for two days, so I use a sketchbook to draw my daily self portrait.  Still working with the brush pen, I tried holding it in different ways and in the last drawing, braced my elbow.  Getting there!  I wasn't very satisfied with the first sketch, so I did a second.  You can see the difference using the same reference photo.


  1. Hey, it's still the 9th, for one more hour! :-)

  2. reading your profile and blog , can I just tell you that you are inspiring me this very second to make it a full time commitment to dedicate more time to my art! I think I may try out a few self portraits and go from there!
    : )

  3. Hi Myrna,

    Looking forward to your workshop tomorrow with Bonnie and her friends. It will be fun to just let loose and play with new things,see my old friends, and get to know you in person beyond the blogs. Sandy